Birthstones for February

Birthstones for February are on the list.

Birthstones for February 1st to February 9th

Born on the 1st Birthstone for February 1st
Born on the 2nd Birthstone for February 2nd
Born on the 3rd Birthstone for February 3rd
Born on the 4th Birthstone for February 4th
Born on the 5th Birthstone for February 5th
Born on the 6th Birthstone for February 6th
Born on the 7th Birthstone for February 7th
Born on the 8th Birthstone for February 8th
Born on the 9th Birthstone for February 9th

Birthstones for February 10th to February 19th

Born on the 10th Birthstone for February 10th
Born on the 11th Birthstone for February 11th
Born on the 12th Birthstone for February 12th
Born on the 13th Birthstone for February 13th
Born on the 14th Birthstone for February 14th
Born on the 15th Birthstone for February 15th
Born on the 16th Birthstone for February 16th
Born on the 17th Birthstone for February 17th
Born on the 18th Birthstone for February 18th
Born on the 19th Birthstone for February 19th

Birthstones for February 20th to February 29th

Born on the 20th Birthstone for February 20th
Born on the 21st Birthstone for February 21st
Born on the 22nd Birthstone for February 22nd
Born on the 23rd Birthstone for February 23rd
Born on the 24th Birthstone for February 24th
Born on the 25th Birthstone for February 25th
Born on the 26th Birthstone for February 26th
Born on the 27th Birthstone for February 27th
Born on the 28th Birthstone for February 28th
Born on the 29th Birthstone for February 29th

Birthstones for February

The birthstone for February is Amethyst.
Messages from the Website Manager

The list shows the birthstones for those born in February; from February 1st to February 29th. Of course February 29th is included here. Please choose a birthday and find detailed information for that date. This is a professional page where you’ll enjoy both “looking for birthstones for yourself” and “looking for birthstones for the person you care for”.

The most popular birthstone for those born in February is “Amethyst”. People around the world recognize that “the birthstone for those born in February is Amethyst”. When it’s difficult for you to select a birthstone for someone born in February, please choose Amethyst. It is a safe choice, and Amethyst is beautiful and easy to get. Amethyst is the common birthstone for all those born in February people from 1st to 29th.

There are a lot of kinds of the “Amethyst” birthstone.
The below are some of the examples.
- Lavender Amethyst
- Elestial Amethyst
- Phantom Amethyst
- Cape Amethyst
- Pink Amethyst
- Red Amethyst
, as well as other kinds of Amethyst.
Whichever Amethyst is appropriate for your February birthstone, since they have different “patterns”, “colors” and “inclusions”, we’d recommend you to choose the stone you like. You’ll get different nuances due to the differing strength of the stone's purple color.

If you prefer a premium feel, deep colored Amethysts are recommended. For cuteness, light colored Amethysts like “Lavender Amethyst” or “Pink Amethyst” are a good choice.

As Amethyst is a well-known birthstone, most jewelry stores sell it. When you say, “I’m looking for Amethyst for a birthstone,” they will show it to you immediately. It’s not hard to find. The price ranges from low to high, a whole gamut of the prices. The “beauty of color” and “lack of scratches” basically decides the stone's values. Clearer, beautiful purple Amethysts are more expensive. Quality changes will be made according to your budget.

Those born in February have both “extraordinariness” and “great sensitivity”. By the statistics of fortune-telling, this month is regarded as “the month to produce geniuses” and indeed it has produced many genius revolutionaries. Special talents or abilities become a “two-edged blade”. The February birthstones will become amulets to prevent the powers those born in February have from becoming buried. They can get support in order to perform at their best their amulets.

People born in February become bored with ordinary gifts and will be glad to receive a present like a distinctive-designed birthstone. It would be good to choose an item with its own style. In addition to that, it’d be better to consider how to surprise him/her when you give the present to him/her. A good tip to make someone born in February happy is to give the gift at a special place or occasion.

Hayasaka Yoshino

Author Hayasaka Yoshino

Hayasaka Yoshino is a stone healer that usually works in Tokyo area, Japan. Yoshino is also famous as a fortune teller and seen over 10,000 people. "Fortune-telling counseling", which finds out the best gemstone for the client, received a high reputation. Representative director of LWE Co., Ltd.

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