Birthstones for August

Birthstones for August are on the list.

Birthstones for August 1st to August 9th

Born on the 1st Birthstone for August 1st
Born on the 2nd Birthstone for August 2nd
Born on the 3rd Birthstone for August 3rd
Born on the 4th Birthstone for August 4th
Born on the 5th Birthstone for August 5th
Born on the 6th Birthstone for August 6th
Born on the 7th Birthstone for August 7th
Born on the 8th Birthstone for August 8th
Born on the 9th Birthstone for August 9th

Birthstones for August 10th to August 19th

Born on the 10th Birthstone for August 10th
Born on the 11th Birthstone for August 11th
Born on the 12th Birthstone for August 12th
Born on the 13th Birthstone for August 13th
Born on the 14th Birthstone for August 14th
Born on the 15th Birthstone for August 15th
Born on the 16th Birthstone for August 16th
Born on the 17th Birthstone for August 17th
Born on the 18th Birthstone for August 18th
Born on the 19th Birthstone for August 19th

Birthstones for August 20th to August 29th

Born on the 20th Birthstone for August 20th
Born on the 21st Birthstone for August 21st
Born on the 22nd Birthstone for August 22nd
Born on the 23rd Birthstone for August 23rd
Born on the 24th Birthstone for August 24th
Born on the 25th Birthstone for August 25th
Born on the 26th Birthstone for August 26th
Born on the 27th Birthstone for August 27th
Born on the 28th Birthstone for August 28th
Born on the 29th Birthstone for August 29th

Birthstones for August 30th to August 31st

Born on the 30th Birthstone for August 30th
Born on the 31st Birthstone for August 31st

Birthstones for August

The birthstone for August is Peridot.
Messages from the Website Manager

The birthstones for those born in August are listed in the chart; from the 1st to 31st of August. Please select the birthday you’d like to see. You’ll find information about “kinds”, “meanings”, “samples”, “stores”, “prices” and so on of birthstones. This website provides you professional and useful birthstone information.

The most popular birthstone for August is the “Peridot”. We recommend you choose a peridot when you wonder what is good as an August birthstone. This jewel is both “popular” and “beautiful”.

The peridot, is famous for being the birthstone of August, it is known for its high profile. Due to it being a popular item, it can be obtained from most jewelry stores. It is also recommended if you want to get in a hurry. Since there are plenty of designs, you can also enjoy the time when choosing.

The price of peridot is affordable amongst other kinds of birthstones. It will not be too cheap but it will be sold at a price that is not too high. The exception to this are peridot over 6 mm, which are high-priced. As the crystal of the raw stone is small, the large grain type is very rare. If you want a valuable peridot, you may choose a large grain type.

A birthstone is an item suitable for birthday gifts. You can give gemstones that were designated for a birthday. It is popular as a romantic birthday gift. Each birthstone has its own special meaning and it is an amulet for the owner. Please choose birthstones as a birthday gift to be presented to those born in August.

Birthstones all look beautiful and attractive because carefully selected jewels are specified. It is one of the reasons why it is easy to choose as a birthday gift because it looks beautiful. It has a beautiful radiance that is unlikely to be a natural stone.

The birthstone for August can be used for yourself. The percentage is 80% for gifts and 20% for themselves. (This is calculated based on statistical data of birthstone dealers). There are many people who want to use birthstones for themselves while looking for a birthday gift. It will be an amulet to match your birthday.

People born in August have an "independence of spirit" and "cooperativeness". It is the birth month affected by 'Leo' and 'Virgo'. The strength to bravely advance and the kindness to care for others coexist. There are many opinions that " those born in August are the ideal leaders". They’re big enough people to actually be the leaders of organizations and teams. By using a birthstone for those born in August, this property will become even stronger. It is an amulet that makes the best of success by making the most of its strengths.

Hayasaka Yoshino

Author Hayasaka Yoshino

Hayasaka Yoshino is a stone healer that usually works in Tokyo area, Japan. Yoshino is also famous as a fortune teller and seen over 10,000 people. "Fortune-telling counseling", which finds out the best gemstone for the client, received a high reputation. Representative director of LWE Co., Ltd.

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