Birthstones for September

Birthstones for September are on the list.

Birthstones for September 1st to September 9th

Born on the 1st Birthstone for September 1st
Born on the 2nd Birthstone for September 2nd
Born on the 3rd Birthstone for September 3rd
Born on the 4th Birthstone for September 4th
Born on the 5th Birthstone for September 5th
Born on the 6th Birthstone for September 6th
Born on the 7th Birthstone for September 7th
Born on the 8th Birthstone for September 8th
Born on the 9th Birthstone for September 9th

Birthstones for September 10th to September 19th

Born on the 10th Birthstone for September 10th
Born on the 11th Birthstone for September 11th
Born on the 12th Birthstone for September 12th
Born on the 13th Birthstone for September 13th
Born on the 14th Birthstone for September 14th
Born on the 15th Birthstone for September 15th
Born on the 16th Birthstone for September 16th
Born on the 17th Birthstone for September 17th
Born on the 18th Birthstone for September 18th
Born on the 19th Birthstone for September 19th

Birthstones for September 20th to September 29th

Born on the 20th Birthstone for September 20th
Born on the 21st Birthstone for September 21st
Born on the 22nd Birthstone for September 22nd
Born on the 23rd Birthstone for September 23rd
Born on the 24th Birthstone for September 24th
Born on the 25th Birthstone for September 25th
Born on the 26th Birthstone for September 26th
Born on the 27th Birthstone for September 27th
Born on the 28th Birthstone for September 28th
Born on the 29th Birthstone for September 29th

Birthstones for September 30th

Born on the 30th Birthstone for September 30th

Birthstones for September

The birthstone for September is Sapphire.
Messages from the Website Manager

The birthstones for those born in September are on the list, from September 1st to September 30th, you can check the birthstones. It is a professional website where you can easily understand birthstones by simply selecting the relevant birthday. Let's first select the birthday you want to check.

Birthstones have special meanings and effects. They are jewels which give power to your birthday. Each gemstone designated as a birthstone has a long history. There are also many jewels that have been used since before 0 B.C. Various traditions are in various countries around the world. These traditions continue to be loved in modern times as a special amulet. By using it, you will experience excellent energy. Please take this opportunity to try your birthstones for September.

A birthstone is suitable for a birthday gift. Only you know the birthday of the person you’d like to give the gift so a special gift can be prepared. You can add special value to this birthday gift. Furthermore, everything about the birthstones are beautiful. It combines both excellent "beauty" and special "energy". It is an excellent birthday gift when you want to produce a special feeling.

The most famous birthstone for those born in September is "Sapphire". When you wonder which birthstone you want, we recommend you choose sapphire. "Diamond", "Sapphire", "Ruby", and “Emerald" are called the 4 major jewels, they are especially popular. Those born in September can be said to be lucky. The other four major jewels are also designated as birthstones.
"Diamond →April birthstone"
"Ruby → July birthstone"
"Emerald → May birthstone"
"Sapphire → September birthstone"
The 4 major jewels will all have a "beautiful shine", "high value" and "high hardness". Although it is a royal road, they are highly satisfying birthstones.

"Sapphire", it’s famous as a birthstone for those born in September. It has rich color variations. Sapphires with a blue color are the most famous. On the contrary, we think many people do not know about sapphire in other colors than blue. Besides blue, colors such as "Purple Sapphire", "Yellow Sapphire", "Green Sapphire", "Orange Sapphire" and "Pink Sapphire" exist. All can be used as a birthstone for September. Others, such as the “Padparadscha Sapphire" have a special color, the "Star Sapphire” with its star-like shine are also kinds of sapphire. It is also attractive to choose your favorite color.

People born in September have excellent “insight” and an “eye for beauty”. It is the birth month affected by “Virgo” and “Libra”. It is said that those born in September have the strongest emotional power. In fortune statistics, it is a birth month where many become "hairdressers", "stylists", "therapists", "counselors", "secretaries”, “manager", "nurse" and so on. A birthstone for those born in September brings out the potential of the owner sufficiently. It is popular as an amulet that leads those born in September to success.

Hayasaka Yoshino

Author Hayasaka Yoshino

Hayasaka Yoshino is a stone healer that usually works in Tokyo area, Japan. Yoshino is also famous as a fortune teller and seen over 10,000 people. "Fortune-telling counseling", which finds out the best gemstone for the client, received a high reputation. Representative director of LWE Co., Ltd.

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