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Privacy Policy & Copyright
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December 12, 2016

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December 12, 2016

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LWE Co., Ltd.

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About Copyright

All the words and pictures on this website is copyright reserved by LWE Co., Ltd. Some pictures and programs are used with permission of the creator for commercial use. They are only permitted for use on the website or business by LWE Co., Ltd. Use without permission is prohibited. Any kinds of request will not be permitted. Do not use words or pictures on this website with a partial change. (Direct link is possible. However, links from antisocial websites, adult websites, spam websites, link websites without contents, websites containing problems are prohibited.)

[No] Use of words on this website for your website by copy and paste.
[No] Change the words on this website partially and show as original contents.
[No] Use of pictures on your website by copy and paste.
[No] Change the pictures on this website partially and show as original pictures.
[No] Use of website source code on this website for your website by copy and paste.
[No] Claim as your copyright for the words and pictures on this website.

[OK] Link this website with your website. (Please make the anchor text related to this website.)
Ex.2: Google search is amazing.
* Mutual links will not be accepted.

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